Viewers were drawn to a rear-projected grey- white space behind a window in Manchester Lane. In the virtual space was the image of a man clothed in pale nondescript garments, crouching and withdrawn. A handprint was centrally projected onto the glass.

The idea for this work came from a discussion of what it is like to be trapped – either physically or psychologically. In this artwork the real
 and virtual worlds are connected through physical touch. It explores ideas of isolation and the importance of being acknowledged – engagement with others holds the possibility of liberation and positive self-awareness.

The printed A-LURE program and text message clue instructed each viewer to ‘put your hand
out to someone in need’. Placing a hand on the handprint on the window triggered the image 
of the man to move about the space. The glass became the speaker through which the story was heard. If the viewer took their hand away, the work paused. If the hand was replaced within a few seconds, the work continued, otherwise the man resumed his initial isolated silent position.

At the end of the video, players were invited to text or submit an online vote to “free” or “trap” the man. An ongoing tally was projected into the top right-hand corner of the work.

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