Visionary Images (VI) is a not for profit arts organisation dedicated to creatively engaging and developing young people with experience of hardship. Our target community is 8 to 25 year olds, particularly those who are disadvantaged by experiences of exclusion/alienation from mainstream education, mental health issues, behavioural issues, social isolation, drug/alcohol misuse, childhood neglect/abuse, contact with the judicial system, unemployment and geographic isolation.

VI uses art, communication media, design and technology to inspire and nurture positive change. We provide the resources, expertise and encouragement to assist our young people to express themselves through art, to determine their own public representation in our society’s culture, and to assist them to reach their potential.

VI’s young people are often referred by youth and other agencies. Self-referred participants are assisted to link in to appropriate services.


At Visionary Images young people and artists collaborate to develop, produce and exhibit public art. Through creative projects our young people develop life skills, define the times they live in, take control of their uncertainty and make positive change in the world by contributing to the communities in which they live.

Since 1999 VI has been working with young people to create progressive, thought-provoking artworks that reflect their ideas, experiences and concerns. These tangible outcomes are displayed in high-profile public sites that move beyond traditional exhibition spaces and into the streets and other public landscapes, taking art into everyday life.


Visionary Images has refined a unique working methodology that combines an inclusive, democratic approach with an unflinching conceptual development process and a willingness to embrace new technologies and non-traditional artistic concepts, formats and exhibition outcomes.  This results in the creation of artworks that fuse strong community cultural development practices with high artistic innovation and ready accessibility for a very broad public audience.

Young people at VI are completely involved in all decision-making, including studio management, planning, creative development, production, marketing and exhibition processes. Through participating in workshops, co-running VI and creating meaningful arts projects, young members develop a wide range of long-term creative, cognitive, communication and practical skills. The studio is a friendly and safe environment where everybody’s ideas are listened to and respected.


Visionary Images’ studio is based in the suburb of Richmond in Melbourne, Victoria and works with young people from across inner and outer suburban Melbourne. VI also undertakes projects in other municipalities, in regional communities and in other capital cities.