MOVING MARK: 2010 – 2012

Please visit our Vimeo site to view the Moving Mark Projection Slide Show

VINYL (Visionary Images Next Young Leaders) undertook the Moving Mark project.  VINYL developed the creative leadership skills of young participants to assist them to build the confidence to move onto other mainstream opportunities. Twenty-three young people were engaged in Moving Mark through 94 workshops and collaborated with artists to develop, produce and exhibit art. Mental well-being was the focus of conceptual thinking and the works created represented issues that had had an impact on the young people’s lives.

The young people developed their leadership capabilities through increasing artistic skills and improving their self-esteem and life skills such as self-direction, communication, responsibility and working in a team. These young people went on to mentor new participants in an external workshop program offered to youth service organisations and a local community school. With support from the artists they designed the workshop program, developed the tutorials and wrote and tested the supporting material. They then conducted the workshops.

The team changed the original outcome from print media to projections, and the artwork was exhibited in 2012 as a large-scale outdoor projection on the side of the Visionary Images studio in Richmond. The exhibition was viewed by hundreds of people as the building is situated in a highly visible public location next to a well-patronised park and on a busy main road.

The project fostered mutual respect bringing together a diverse group who learnt from each other.  The artwork produced shows an insight into the ideas and experiences of these young people building understanding in those who view the work.

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