UNESCO: 2004


In 2000 UNESCO Headquarters in Paris commissioned Visionary Images to create the concept design to promote the 2004 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Established in response to the South African Sharpeville Massacre of 1960, the international
day of remembrance is part of UNESCO’s strategy to eliminate racial discrimination. Responding to the subject, the group researched the history and background of events at Sharpeville, reading reports and examining images of the massacre. The group then brainstormed the concept of racism, and they concluded that it has its source in ignorance and fear, and that these fuel racial tensions.

The final concept spoke about the irrationality and hard-heartedness of racism. In its early phase the artwork used a stone heart to express hard-heartedness and a brain made up of barbed wire to show a mind that was trapped, did not think intelligently and was closed off from wisdom.

In developing a slogan to accompany this design, the group felt they wanted people to understand that every individual has the power to change the situation and decided on ‘You Stop Racism’.

After discussions between UNESCO and the creative team it was agreed to remove the stone which UNESCO saw as too judgmental. The artwork was produced as posters and postcards printed in both English and French, which were distributed across France.


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