XSITE Program 2014 – 2017


XSite is a pioneering pilot program where middle-year children (8-14) are working with artists to create and exhibit public art in their neighbourhood.

Developed in partnership with local organisations, XSite is creatively addressing the increasing issues being experienced by this age group and the lack of activities targeting and specifically tailored for them. With Visionary Images children are learning new skills, and are visibly bringing their ideas and experiences into the open.

Launched on the Atherton Gardens public housing estate in 2014 and then rolled out onto the Richmond estate it has successfully engaged with over 250 children. Collaborating with artists in weekly visual art workshops children make and exhibit highly visible public artwork about subjects that matter to them. Through positively communicating with as many people as possible they are building understanding, changing perceptions and breaking cycles of disadvantage.

Temporary and permanent artworks have been produced and exhibited on and around the housing estates including paste-ups, projections and neon.

For a more in-depth view here is a link to the SXITE blog: XSITE BLOG

You can also view our Stop the Bully artwork here: Stop the Bully


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